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Facing Challenges in Scaling Your Coaching, B2c & D2c Business?

Hi, Tushar Gudhoo this side,

I Help Coaches, B2C & D2C founders like You to empower your business via infusing empathy in your brand & connecting your customers emotionally through Paid Ads, Content Writing & Copywriting

What makes a difference

The Smart Way to Get your target audience to become your brand fans

Empower your audience

While you might feel your business needs empowering and the key to achieving it is by empowering your target audience by helping them solve their life challenges with your products & services.

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infuse Empathy for your audience in your business.

A most vital element to winning an audience yet ignored by most businesses, people love attention and long for someone who can understand them, eventually helping them build relationships. Think of how impactful would it be for your business to have a relationship with your audience.

Tapping into the emotions

People don't buy a product just because you have it instead you're just one of their shortlisted brands, what makes them buy is when a brand taps into various emotions which eventually leads them to open their pockets for you and become your brand fans.

3E Strategy

When you align your marketing strategy and brand story with 3E's at every point of your ideal customer journey while consistently adding value turn them to become your brand fans.


How Me & You Will Work together towards empowering you & Your business

You & I need to know if we’d be a great fit for each other, because why would you settle for just good?

So here’s how we’ll take it forward to understand your challenges, and goals to craft a kickass strategy to empower your business.

Leave no stones unturned

Marketing Services

stay ahead of all

"Google Ads &
Meta Ads ":

People are surfing the web looking to fulfill their Wishlist over Google & online marketplaces & surfing videos on YouTube, filling up their carts & making multiple enquires for products and services just like yours…..

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Touch the hearts

"Copywriting &
Brand Story":

A copy that touches the heart and soul of the reader will find its way to the wallet of the reader. With the fuss over information, brands communicate like a robot that never makes a connection of love with the audience…..

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Let's Get you on google

"Search engine optimization":

Your audience will always trust Google more than they trust you, and so would you! Right? 

So why stay away from being ranked on Google?

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Who likes manual
Boring tasks?


The world is moving toward self-driving cars, incorporating robotics & automation to cut down unnecessary human effort. Now the question is why not automate manual tasks in your business?

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I Believe In the Physics Of Flywheels So No Funnel Drips

"Kickass flywheels not just funnel":

You might have heard of funnels before you even thought of marketing but there’s an issue with funnels “They Drip”.I mean once your customers leave a particular funnel you can’t get them back…..

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"Sales Guidance & Video Sales Letter":

People don’t like getting sold they love getting their problems solved & that’s exactly why they will pay up for your product or service. Sadly some businesses still rely on the same old way of selling…..

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Tushar Gudhoo

helping you empower your brand not just To Acquire new customers but to build your brand fans.

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