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"Google & Meta ads":

People are surfing the web looking to fulfill their Wishlist over Google & online marketplaces & surfing videos on YouTube, filling up their carts & making multiple enquires for products and services just like yours.

But they just keep Waiting! Waiting!

Waiting for the brand to get them to purchase by building a relationship with them over different channels to engage with them to understand their problems & requirements to make them feel special.

Not like just any other customer with a number, address & email.

I & my team with our precise targeting & strategy will help you engage with them emotionally to get them to buy your products & services using paid media ads.

By helping you position your brand using Google Ads, Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) & Online Marketplace Ads (Amazon Ads & Flipkart Ads) to drive growth, and revenue to help you scale & build authority in the market sustainably.

Touch the hearts

"Copywriting & Brand Story":

A copy that touches the heart and soul of the reader will find its way to the wallet of the reader. With the fuss over information, brands communicate like a robot that never makes a connection of love with the audience.

I will help you & your brand be more human, have more empathy towards your audience let it touch their souls, and find its way to their wallets.

From Video Scripting – To Website Copy – Ads Copy you need to infuse the human that loves your audience while also connecting your brand story with them.

Let's Get you on google

"Search engine optimization":

Your audience will trust Google more than they trust you, and so would you! Right?

People do innumerable searches on Google for the product or service to research for which they are going to pay & not having your business in front of them while they are in the last phase of purchase would really not cut the deal for you.

While you would be able to rank via but won’t it be more convincing for your audience to go with purchase when your business is there helping them while they are in their research phase.

I help you rank your business website and Google business profile over the first page driving more purchase intent traffic to your website.

Who likes manual tasks?


The world is moving toward self-driving cars, incorporating robotics & automation to cut down unnecessary human effort.

Now the question is why not automate manual tasks in your business?

While you focus on running your business to scale it exponentially, why not automate the manual tasks at scale without deteriorating the quality?

I will help you automate all unnecessary manual and recurring tasks with an integrated set of tools to help you save time and focus on only growth.

I believe in Physics of flywheels So no Funnel Drips

"Kickass flywheels not just funnel":

You might have heard of funnels before you even thought of marketing but there’s an issue with funnelsĀ “They Drip”.

I mean once your customers leave a particular funnel you can’t get them back.

Why would your business want funnels that don’t focus on retaining a customer who has already paid up for your product and make them your brand fans?

Instead, I’d make flywheels for your business rather than funnels, because flywheels just need the momentum to move.

The person who has already paid up for your product he’ll be your momentum for flywheels by just tapping into his pain point & emotions.

Selling terminator

"Sales Guidance & Video Sales Letter":

People don’t like getting sold they love getting their problems solved & that’s exactly why they will pay up for your product or service.

Sadly some businesses still rely on the same old way of selling just by changing the format to be the digital way of writing or communication via VSL.

But STOP because unknowingly you’re taking losses in your business.

Here’s a tip for you:

Understand your customer, what’s there problems & issues, what are their desires & needs, and if your product solves it explain to them how by any means be it through video or in writing, or over communication.

If in case you’re looking up for more let’s catch up the time & let me help you out with crafting a guided sales strategy be it VSL or page copy to help you get your audience paying up.

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"Google & Meta

Touch The Hearts

"Copywriting &
Brand Story"

Let's Get you on google

"Search engine optimization"

Who likes
manual Boring tasks?


I Believe In the Physics Of Flywheels So No Funnel Drips

"Kickass Flywheels Not Just Funnel"


"Sales Guidance & Video Sales Letter"


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