Before I tell you about me, I have a question for you!

Do you feel that your business is giving you challenges, unable to scale, or are even hesitant to launch?

I was one among you as well.

I started my journey in my college days as a real estate agent & I was stuck at scaling my business, which brought me down to the root cause of how I lacked in marketing but only after I dropped out of my business.

Trust me you don’t want to feel that pain of dropping out of your business just because of that one vertical.

The pain led me to become a self-taught marketer & got me into a marketing agency where I came across a few visionary individuals to empower businesses and founders with a vision of growth like you.

Over a course of fewer than 2 years, I & my team was handling end to end account management for the success of businesses where we came across different verticals as how to connect people emotionally through content copy and understanding customer behavioral psychology by curating strategies to drive higher ROI for advertising budgets of over INR 50,00,000, ranking several brands on the first page of google, crafting funnels & flywheels for businesses & launching businesses from scratch.

With all the learnings and a team of ex-marketing agency account managers of different verticals, we launched MEDIA 3E to help empower you & your business to achieve higher revenue targets so that you don’t ever feel stuck.

Well, that’s all about me, my team & MEDIA 3E

We’ll be delighted to hear about you & your business challenges and add value.

If our vibes match let’s talk?